Creative Designing


Get your digital flipbook, brochure, logo & other creative crafts ready to roll out in high resolution. We guarantee their responsiveness. Bet on our intricate detailing, incredible colour scheme & seamless high-designs.

Why It Matters

We have introduced a great concept design in logo and banner design. We create unique and personalized logos related to the product as well as organization. We have created banners for clients all over the globe, incorporating diverse designer logos matching with website color combination and attractive designer font styles. We have a team of Photoshop artists and graphic designers which has created great designer logos and banners for clients. It strives to bring new concepts in designing and creates distinct intrinsic banners which are created according to the ideas of the clients.

  • Service's We Offer

  • Logo Design

    Through logo design, we at softprologic create an iconic weapon for branding. We draft an ever lasting impression of yours. Our creative graphic designers stir up uniqueness to create impactful & unforgettable logos. We keep comprehensiveness in mainstream so that consumers can derive the nature & purpose of your business. While crafting it, we focus on mainly clarity & colour synchronization that prove consistent to your business domain.

  • EDM

    We provide you the paperless management system. Through EDM or Electronic Document Management, we add on competitive edge by bestowing its tailor-made version. It simplifies tracking, managing & optimizing data on electronic devices. Our adept web developers join hands with the designing team to create an exclusive responsive multi-tasking EDM. Thereby, we transform our client’s work profile from semi-digital to outright digital.

  • Brochure Design

    Your business’ brochure needs captivating & interactive outlook. It is what we provide you. It reads your business profile that must be eye-catching & self-illustrator. Our graphic designers shape out your business catalogue in a mind-blowing brochure design. Thereby, you just need it to cater because it itself explains the area(s) of your niche & expertise. Even if you want to edit or proofread, we also do it for you.

  • Portfolio Flipbook

    A portfolio defines all ranges of work what you do. We let you exhibit it to the pan digital community via a portfolio flipbook design. We enable your profile’s access with a click on your flipbook. Your customers or clients can glance over it whereby you win the chance to get the leads. We create it platform ready. It means that we create feasible flipbook to get integrated easily with your website.

  • Banner Design

    A banner is the crown of the website. We put innovations to create outstanding banner design that yields fast turnaround. By picking attractive colour & banner themes, we spotlight your business profile. What slogans we put in are crispy, splashy and self-explanatory. The pairing of animations gives it an extra-ordinary look. We make it pays you off to the fullest when visitors navigate to the integrated landing pages.

Our Approach

“Services stay forever.” So, our approach pushes us to emphasize on the quality services rather than quantity.

  • Strategy

    Creativity needs creative mind. To create digital articrafts, like banners, logo, flipbook and brochures, we embrace our client’s ideas. Then, we add our own ingenuity in the jigs of digital craftsmanship. Meanwhile, we enrich our designers to acknowledge your niche, platform & requirements. Eventually, we set a timeframe to create those innovative digi-crafts.

  • Blueprinting

    Blueprint is the sketching of your ideas into brochure, logo, banners, flipbook and other digital artifacts. Our graphic experts put your requirement & their innovation in a funnel to melt expertly. Eventually, what comes out as an output looks incredible. It’s feasible as well which you can use at any platform, like multiple devices or browsers.

  • Optimization

    User experience comes foremost on digital landscape. Our graphic experts prove it a worthy fact by optimizing images. What they create looks similarly stunning on every device & browser. By defining alt tag & unique dimensions of creative digit-arts, they make them fit to every device. They employ file-compression tricks for faster image uploading & downloading.

  • Realization

    After lots of churning & designing ado, the time comes for testing of their performance. An image goes through several hands of expert image editors. Its font, shades, transition & other styles reflect unique masterpieces. They check its consistency to various devices and browsers. They inspect its downloading and uploading speed as well for delivering better UX.

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